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For the comon good of the North Coast Surfing Community

Our coast has very few facilities like showers and toilets.
Especially at spots like: Salmon Bay & Surfers Lane,

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Chris, have you seen the showers used for the Mr Price, used them this morning, better than nothing and real simple.
Ya saw them on the back of the municipal van heading to salt rock!! But we are hoping to organize something permanent!

Guys here is the initial artist impression of the Lanes proposed deck drawn up by Jeremy De Beer. We will be going the motions of seeing if we can first get the deck approved and then hopefully a sponsor to help put it up. The deck will cost in the region of R30 000.


A big thanks to Jeremy and Kevin for driving this initative.







Just to keep you in the loop I met with Hazel Dlamini the senior environmental control person at the municipality today. In principle she liked what we proposed and gave me some good insights into what could be done and what cant.


The next step in the process to get the deck approved and inplace will be to make sure that we are with in the legal constraints. And draw up an official proposal with the right motivations ect.


She is sending me through the documents with all the legal stuff .... the next mountain to chew on.






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